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Reach and engage a homeowner-centric audience through multiple bluehammer opportunities

Why should bluehammer be your marketing tool of choice?

Homeowners using bluehammer are learning more about their home and are at decision-making points. We offer next-step opportunities of engagement for Lenders, Insurance, Home Warranty, Service Providers and lifestyle brands. Learn more below.

bluehammer is not just about home improvement costs, we also have other homeowner tools that help homeowners learn more about their home.

There are mutliple ways to engage bluehammer users...


Display Advertising:We have multiple positions from leaderboards to text ads that fit all sizes and budgets. Want something more custom? Let's talk!


Branded Articles: Have a story around your brand that would fit our site? Want one written around your brand? We can share your story through our branded articles.


Leads: Our users are looking for Service Providers, Lenders, Insurance, Warranty and more... We can send them your way.


Partnerships: Think we are a good fit for your company? We have multiple integration opportunities throughout the bluehammer site for the right partners.


Interested in reaching homeowners? Let's talk!